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Black poplar buds


Populus nigra - diluted glycerol hydroalcoholic extract 1DH


Folding box with 30 single-dose glycerol hydroalcoholic extract.


Vasodilators and vasoprotectives (reduces vasospasm in the lower limb arteries, favors collateral compensation circulation, prevents dystrophic disorders and infectious complications following

chronic ischemia), it enables the normalization of gammaglobulines, beta-lipoproteins and uric acid, it fights against the tendency towards thrombophilia, anti-inflammatory of the osteoarticular

apparatus, respiratory and urinary tract.


The remedy of choice in the treatment arteriopathies, arthritis of the lower limbs, wounds and ulcers following arterial insufficiency, Raynaud's disease and atherosclerotic arteritis caused by smoking, thrombophlebitis and tendency towards thromboembolic manifestations of the inferior limbs, arthritis and lower limb arthritis, gout and joint gout manifestations, recurrent cystitis, kidney stones having uric causes, chronic bronchitis and recurrent traheitis in children. Combinations with other glycerol hydroalcoholic extracts: in the arteries of the lower limbs, circulatory insufficiency of the lower limbs in smoking with bloody plant, chronic bronchitis and recurrent tracheitis in children with black currant, hornbeam and walnut. The doctor may change the associations.

  • The administration recommended for the 1DH glycerol hydroalcoholic extract: after dilution in some water, take a large quantity in your mouth to ensure absorption through the oral mucosa and swallow slowly.
  • Shelf life: 5 years.

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